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Stocking stuffers! The bane of my existence. Why must these be so hard? I struggle every year with these. Fret no more, below are a list of clean beauty stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank. 

No more dollar store stocking stuffers, no more last-minute overspending. Those you know that are clean beauty lovers will be over the moon with these stocking stuffers. 

If you are good with stocking stuffers and are looking for clean beauty skincare and makeup gift sets this holiday season, travel over to my other blog post.

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Beauty Stocking Stuffers

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Eyes and Eyebrow Stocking Stuffers

Let’s start out with eyes and eyebrows. The parts of our face that everyone can see during this pandemic. 

Perfect Eyeliner Pen

This paraben-free perfect eyeliner pen that comes in both black and brown provides a precise fiber brush tip that gives the perfect wing and allows for a thick or thin line. 

It’s also smudge proof and it lasts all day long. 

Cost: $20

Eyeliner Pen
LimeLife Enduring Eyeliner Pen
Me with Perfect Eyeliner Pen
Me with Enduring Eyeliner on

Enduring Eyeliner Pencil

Not a fan of the liquid pen eyeliner, choose this long-lasting gel option – 24-hours (water-proof and smudge-proof). This comes in 3 colors, black, brown and neutral for the lining of the lower lids (will make your eyes look bigger).

Cost: $20

LimeLife Enduring Eyeliner Pencil

Wizard of Eyes Collection

This limited-edition gel eye-pencil collection comes with 5 dual enduring eyeliner pencils, so 10 colors that you or your loved ones can rock. You know someone who likes to mix up their look, this could be the perfect gift. Or save money (like I did) and throw these into 5 stockings for the perfect stocking stuffers.

Cost: $80 ($16 per dual eyeliner pencil)

Wizard of Eyes Eyeliner Collection
LimeLife Enduring Eyeliner Pencil

Brilliant Brow Gel

This Brilliant Brow Gel with plant-based waxes and butter that protect and condition your brows will be a holiday favorite. This gel allows for a buildable precise application for thicker, fuller, natural-looking brows. 

Comes in light( light to dark blonde), medium (medium brunette), dark (dark brunette), and soft black (deep brunette to black hair).

Cost: $24

BeautyCounter Brilliant Brow Gel
BeautyCounter model with before and after

Perfect Eyeshadow

Choose from 52 shades of these highly pigmented matte and shimmer professional-grade eyeshadows – meaning very little product is needed and the color will pop. 

Bonus, not only are these paraben-free, but the clamshells that they come in are fully recyclable and purchases of refills go to support the Brighter Together Foundation.

Choose any color to put in their stocking stuffer for only $16

LimeLife's Perfect Eyeshadow
LimeLife’s Perfect Eyeshadow

Unimi Sleep Eye Mask 

Pamper your loved ones with this moist heated eye mask, with lavender & flaxseed. This mask is created with all-natural ingredients. 

Perfect for overworked moms to reduce puffy and dry eyes. This mask has great reviews around helping migraine and sinus pain.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon

Cost: $15.99

Unimi Eye Sleep Mask
Unimi Eye Sleep Mask

Aumelo 4-Piece Precision Eyebrow Tweezers

Every girl needs a quality pair of tweezers. This pack of Aumelo tweezers comes with 4 different tweezers (flat, angled, pointed, and slanted) that are ergonomically designed for accuracy and precision. There were also many comments around reduced pain due to how precise these are. 

Rated: 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon

Cost: $7.99

Aumelo Precision Tweezers
Aumelo Precision Tweezers

Counter+ Eye Revive Cooling Masks

These Eye Revive Cooling Masks are amazing! And so worth the money. Another gift our tired and overworked moms will love. These will reduce puffiness and are formulated with cucumber extract and aloe leaf. 

Get a pack of 6 of these, save a couple for yourself and use some of the individual packets for stocking stuffers. 

You can use more than once – you just place the masks back into the cooling gel. 

Rated: 4.8 our of 5 on BeautyCounter

Cost: $49.00 for the whole pack ($8.16 per eye mask/stocking stuffer)

Check out the below pictures.

I watched the movie The Help the night before these pictures. If you’ve watched The Help you’ve likely cried too. Well, the first picture is what happens to me after I cry. The second and third picture (left and right side) is 15 minutes after I put on the eye masks and the fourth is about 2-hours later after my workout. Do you see how much it reduced my puffiness?

Note: if you are viewing this on mobile, they won’t stack in the right order.

They are amazing!

Puffy eyes from crying
When I woke up
2 hours late
After Eye Revive Masks
Left side – 15 minutes later
BeautyCounter Eye Revive Masks
BeautyCounter Eye Revive Masks
After eye revive mask
Right side – 15 minutes later
BeautyCounter Model with Eye Revive Masks

On The Rise Lash Curler

Not all lash curlers are created equal. This On The Rise Lash Curler will create perfectly curled lashes, with a design that’s intended to work without pinching. 

Cost: $22

On The Rise LimeLife Eyelash Curler
On The Rise LimeLife Eyelash Curler

Highlighters, Bronzer and Contour 

Eyes aren’t the only part of the face that you see when wearing a mask.

Our forehead, above and below the arch of our eyebrows, and cheekbones are still visible with a mask.

Perfect Glow Drops Mini Trio

These Perfect Glow Drops in a mini trio collection make the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Give the gift of glow, with these coconuts infused glow drops that hydrate and illuminate the skin.

I looked on Amazon for a highlighter that was paraben-free and you are hard-pressed to find any that have good reviews for under $30. This is a steal. The closest I found was the Honest Beauty Balm Stick that I include below as well.

Cost: $32.00 for 3 ($10.66 per stocking)

LimeLife Perfect Glow Drops
LimeLife Perfect Glow Drops

If you opt for this highlighter you will need these mini blenderfuls for the application. You can get this 5-pack for $36 and it winds up being $7.20 for each stocking. Two items for under $20.

Mini Blenderful
Mini Blenderful


Illuminating Cream Highlighter

Prefer a cream vs. a liquid. These highlighter sticks below are two good options. 

This sheer Illuminating Cream Highlighter will provide a subtle radiance and will give a dewy finish. 

Cost: $32

BeautyCounter Illuminating Highlighter
BeautyCounter Illuminating Highlighter

Honest Beauty Magic Balm Stick 

This Honest Beauty Magic Balm highlighter is the only one I could find on Amazon that was paraben-free (made with sunflower and coconut oils) and that was in the stocking stuffer price range, with solid reviews.

Who knew highlighter was so expensive?

This highlighter will give your loved one a nice dewy look.

Rated: 4.3 out  of 5 on Amazon

Cost: $14.99

Honest Beauty Magic Balm Stick
Honest Beauty Magic Balm Stick

Let’s Move On To Lips

Lips are my favorite. I even wear lipstick under my mask, transfer and all.

But let’s face it, even if we aren’t in Zoom meetings 8 hours a day (like yours truly), it just feels good to throw on a powerful lip color and some shimmery gloss.

Limited-Edition Jellie Shimmers

First are these clear limited-edition Jellies shimmers that come in this pretty box. 

Not only do these provide a flattering shine, go on clear and aren’t sticky. They also each have their own scent, cocoa, caramel, peppermint, sorbet and honey. 

Cost: $39 ($7.80 each stocking).

Beauty Counter Jellie Shimmmers
Beauty Counter Jellie Shimmmers

Beyond Gloss Trio

You could instead opt for these full-sized lip glosses that provide high-impact shine and color in the limited-edition shades of wild berry, lilac shimmer, and clear with a blue shimmer. These also have a mandarin violet citrus-like scent.

Cost: $49 ($16.33 per stocking stuffer)

Lip Gloss Trio
BeautyCounter Beyond Gloss Trio
Me trying on the glosses

Perfect Balm

There should be lip balm in every stocking stuffer. This Perfect Balm is made with sunflower seed oil, beeswax, shea butter, and vitamin E. 

They are available in 5 shades. I have Ruby Red, Pink Grapefruit, and Dragon Fruit and highly recommend those options. 

On a 5 minute makeup day I use these as a lip and blush tint and add a little as eyeshadow. 

Cost: $18

LimeLife Perfect Balm
LimeLife Perfect Balm

Enduring Lip Color

This Enduring Lip Color was the first product I used from LimeLife and I was sold immediately. I don’t know one person that has tried this lip color and said they don’t like it.

It’s a professional formula, goes on liquid, dries matte and does not dry out your lips like most matte lipsticks. 

There are 19 shades – if you aren’t sure what color to choose, I’d recommend Ruby Chocolate and Birthday Cake –  anyone can rock these. I also love Cherry Pie for anyone you know that loves red lips

Cost: $20.00

LimeLife Enduring Lip Color
LimeLife Enduring Lip Color

Skincare Creams and Tools

Skincare creams and tools that make perfect stocking stuffer additions.

Going Places Bundle

This limited-edition travel-sized bundle is the ultimate holiday stocking stuffer for your friends and family that are teachers or that are in healthcare. This cute bag comes with a mini-Lemon Drop Hand Sanitizer (does not dry out your hands and still kills 99.9% of bacteria), a mini Forty Cure Creme (amazing for eczema, dry skin rosacea), and the Classic Perfect Balm for dry winter lips.

This is one of my favorites. I will be gifting a couple of these this year.

Cost: $48

Going places bundle with hand sanitizer, Forty Cure cream and lip balm
Going Places Bundle

My 8-year-old has eczema. This is after one day, an application of Forty Cure Cream in the morning and at night, the next day his hand was almost completely better, the day after it was gone. Forty Cure Cream is amazing!

Hand with eczema
Son’s hand with eczema
Son's hand with forty cure cream - healed eczema
Son’s hand 1 day with Forty Cure Cream

Clean Act

If I had to choose one item on this list to recommend, then this would be it. I know a vegan brush and sponge cleanser isn’t a sexy gift, but Clean Act is hands-down the best sponge and brush cleanser I’ve ever used. 

It will clean and condition makeup brushes and sponges and is chemical free.

Cost: $28

LimeLife Clean Act
LimeLife Clean Act

Deciniee Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tools Set

I have one of these that is very similar that I love. It however is not in the stocking stuffer price range. I looked at quite a few of these Gua Sha and Jade Roller sets to find one that had great reviews at a stocking stuffer price point. 

This anti-aging Deciniee Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool Set is made of 100% premium quality jade stone. It states it will reduce dark under eyes, fine lines, and reduce puffiness.  

Rated: 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon 

Cost: $13.99

Deciniee Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool


Just like eyelash curlers, makeup sponges are not all the same. This Blenderful has a pointed and angled edge that is perfect for blending around the nose and eyes and a flat bottom for the larger areas of your face. There are only two blenderfuls I will use and this is one of them.

Cost: $18

LimeLife Blenderful

LanMa Beauty Sponge Blender Holder

If you are adding a beauty blender to your loved ones stocking this year then they are going to need something to hold the beauty blender in. This LanMa Beauty Sponge holder isn’t just for aesthetics, it’s important to protect your beauty blender from dirt and bacteria. 

This holder comes in a 2-pack and is rose gold.

LanMa Beauty Sponge Blender Holder
LanMa Beauty Sponge Blender Holder

What stocking stuffers will you be snagging?

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    1. I love the eye cooling masks, as you can see by my pictures 😊 I’m sorry to hear that the mask is causing that. I noticed when I wore my mask to the gym that I would break out more on my chin. Thankfully I found a way to make that stop happening.

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